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Shots are fully customizable.

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Double click to put it in the reference layer of the board. The generated shots are meant to be drawn over so they can be used as a guide. If you can describe a shot and draw a smiley face, you can storyboard! Key commands really speed up your work. Pressing "N" for new board, and left and right arrows from navigating is essential. For some, knowing all the key commands is the key to working quickly. If you'd like to know what's possible, just press:. Storyboarder is niche software. The market is tiny. There's an inverse relationship between the market size and price we have to charge to make money.

We are building this tool for ourselves to make better movies. We make money making movies, not software. We believe creative software should be free. Let's be completely real — I've never known anyone working on dope ass shit to be paying for the software they use anyways. Boords and other online software that just allows you to order images and costs a monthly fee? And fuck Sony Pictures. They make the worst fucking movies. What does that have to do with free software?

Not much. Maybe use free software to make great movies and don't waste money going to a Sony movie? Well done! This is the best. Far better than anything else out there, and I've basically seen it all. To be honest, if you hired me to work on your storyboards, I wouldn't use this. We made Storyboarder because we needed a great storyboarding tool that simply didn't exist. We use tools every day to help us do things. This is especially true with creative persuits. As many artists before us, we think that toolmaking is an important aspect of creation.

Making a tool that allows us to realize our vision in a faster, richer, and more meaningful way is well worth the short term investment for the long term benefits.


It is very important that the primary purpose of this tool is to allow us to create better work. We want to iterate on it and make it better as we learn more from the process of using it. It is important that we are motivated almost exclusively by the betterment of our work, and not by making money.

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We will make money from creating great stories, not selling overpriced niche software. We have been accused of trying to rethink the way things are done. They lack the ability to dream of a better way. They don't push the human race forward. They discourage change. I hope you do not ignore them, but defy them. Should other people want to use our tools to create something great, nothing should stand in the way of that.

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  5. Additionally, we think it's important to listen to feedback and ideas, and if possible integrate the truly best ideas into the tool. I beleive great ideas are in all of us. Selfishly, I want to experience your stories. If I can make a tool to help you will them into the world, that would make me happy. Tools are not a replacement for work. The tool alone doesn't make anything.

    Work is hard. Refining work into great work is even harder. Storyboarder, at the highest level, is a drawing organizer. It makes drawing and ordering drawings simpler. You could do this with a stack of paper and a pencil. Anyone who makes broad claims otherwise is a liar. I invite you to use our tools freely. Enterprise version: Full featured cinematic software for media professionals.


    We've been Mac-first developers for over 20 years. Providing easy-to-use storyboard software for Mac is our mission because we know creative minds love Macintosh for it's powerful media capabilities.

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    Our software provides seamless user experience that fits like a glove with the most loved aspects of Apple computers. Holds the power to make anyone look like a genius Our storyboard software gives you the power to create mind blowing digital presentations even if you can't draw a smiley face. Our creative team designed our storyboard software to be most at home on a Mac. You'll feel in complete creative control using previsualization software that intuitively bends to your needs. Seamless Interface and User Experience - Our desktop storyboard software uses intuitive, easy-to-use graphic and caption tools that make it easy to begin storyboarding moments after installing the software.

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    With it's Mac friendly standard interface and clipboard support. We enable all the functionality Mac users have come to love and expect.

    14 Best Storyboarding Programs In Free & Paid Software For Storyboard Artists

    It just takes a click to add characters, props and background to a scene. You can even drag and drop your digital photos or your own artwork to use as locations. Import Script Text: Works with all popular screenwriting apps and scheduling and breakdown software. Wonder Unit, the small design studio that developed Storyboarder, explains on their website why they made it free:. The development and use of processes and technology is incredibly important for creativity. Because we are just one studio, we feel that it would be a waste for only us to benefit from these tools.

    We believe a rising boat should lift all tides — or at least try to. If we share our tools and processes, ideally, the creative ecosystem will benefit. There is no competitive advantage to keeping tools and tech private — at least for us.