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The first commenter said he's happy FF10 is out because there were bugs in the FF9 beta I think they call the bug fix the release candidate for version 9. FF and Google are annoying with their versioning.

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Pros: Extensions. Cons: Sluggish, versioning is idiotic More. Oh, you are available. I'm glad firefox released the new version.

My firefox crashed very oft en in the old version. It must be the problem of Gecko engine, becasue I also tried the firefox engine Avant browser, still the same situation. Thank god the new version is available. I can't leave firefox for one day. Firefox or Avant browser with firefox engine. No other choice. What do you think about Mozilla Firefox for Mac? Do you recommend it? Fast and Free Browser Mozilla Firefox is a browser application that offers a fast and reliable browsing experience.

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View full description. Softonic review Mozilla Firefox is a browser application that offers a fast and reliable browsing experience. Fast and Easy Browsing In the past years, Mozilla Firefox has lagged behind with its main competitors, Chrome and Edge in terms of browsing speed. Brave Fast and secure internet browser for personal computers and mobile devices. Microsoft Edge Making its Way for Mac. Download Mozilla Firefox for Mac You will be using software that is still in evolution.

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And quite possibly unstable. Know what you're getting into. Using Classilla is at your own risk. There are still many bugs! Remember: the Classilla maintainers and administrators are not responsible for any damage to your computer, data or operating system that Classilla may do.

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We eat our own dog food, but that doesn't mean it always tastes good. If it'll work and it'll help, it'll be in Classilla. If Mozilla's code won't work as is and Classilla needs that feature, it'll be rewritten if we can. Classilla isn't designed as an application where MacOS support is an afterthought; it's built to be Mac first and always. Classilla isn't a typical desktop browser Classilla focuses on the mobile web and mobile sites, a better fit for our old Macs and old code. Log in. Options Help Chat with a consultant.

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