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You can do so by using the short macro described in this Word's Open dialog box provides many of the same file management functions as Windows Explorer does.

How to Disable Read-Only in Excel | cutsfunstemviomai.tk

One of the functions Want to delete the document you are currently viewing? Word doesn't provide a way to do it, but you can use the macro in Enter your address and click "Subscribe. Your e-mail address is not shared with anyone, ever. Maximum image size is 6Mpixels. Images larger than px wide or px tall will be reduced. Up to three images may be included in a comment. All images are subject to review. Commenting privileges may be curtailed if inappropriate images are posted.

Quick Tip: Solving "Read Only" External Drive Problems on Your Mac

I've mentioned this previously, but my comment may have been missed. I found the culprit to be the 'preview pane'. When this was switched off I had no more problems with 'read-only'. It happens A LOT! Windows software is generally pretty intrusive -- simply not letting me type and format without its unwanted "help". Then save the contents with a new name.

Solution 1: Check Read-Only Status

Both the original and new document will exist but the original read only version and the new one will be normal and you can delete one of them. I'm having the identical issue on my Office version of Word!! Nice to know that over a decade later Microsoft still hasn't been able to get hold of competent developers or clean up their act.

Hi Allen, I have a huge issue with my Word Docs. I have documents from that I have to produce showingt when the document originally was created. When I open the Word doc, and I have not touched it since , it suddenly says that it was created on the exact day I opened it, when it was really created 5 years ago. This is evidence that is now lost and it is going to be a huge issue.

I cannot myself insert any dates. I need the date the document originated from. Please help! Thank you! All my Word documents have suddenly become "read Only". None of the online recommended actions achieves anything. Excel is not affected. Anyone any suggestions please???? I am using Word and I ran into this problem this morning. This could be a massive problem for me if it were to happen to any of my documents that contain active links to Excel workbooks. I tried to follow the sample fix provided, but my version of Word did not have the same options in the Save tab. However, when I opened the folder location where the file was located and right-clicked on the file, the read-only attribute box was checked.

I noticed with a user with 2 open excel files a file permission contamination between the 2 processes. One file was own created and suddenly not possible anymore to edit or save. Other file was a read-only from an email. After closing the read-only file suddenly the read-only permission on the first file dissapeared and the user could save the file once again. This might help.

How to Fix Excel cannot access read-only Document

Type in the value 2 field and click OK. Could this relate to working in a network with the document on the server, and the network signal "blips" so Word saves the document in read only? Hi I found the fix for Word documents automatically converting to read-only after PC wakes from sleep: just go to Device Manager, go to Network Adapters and right-click on the adapter and update drivers to the latest.

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Problem solved! I'm having the same problem and it's driving me crazy. I'm working on a long, complicated documents and every once in a while it flips to "read only" - I'm the only person working on this document.

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  • You can include Word web-based in the faulty list: new documents just started doing that this week. Saves once, then claims read-only after that. The MS speech recognition system was the source of the problem for me Word , Windows 10 Shutting off speech recognition solved the problem It also shut off my microphone tery.

    Way 1: Excel file is made to read only by marked as final

    I have found that read-only is triggered when I use the format brush in the Word document. Not found anything else that triggers it yet! I'm having a similar thing happen. In Word , I noticed that sometimes I open documents in read only and sometimes not. I started to pay attention to how I open documents and when it happens. I use File Open, select the document, click Open. It's fine.

    How to Disable Read-Only in Excel

    I use File Open, double click to open the file, It's fine. I use File Open, select the file, then double click to open. I can recreate this over and over again. Others in my office have tried it and they don't experience the same results. Just installed Windows 10 and my files also were coming up read only, even though the properties of the file indicated it was not. After some clicking around I think I fixed it. Do this for each folder pictures, movies, downloads etc It should fix it. The problem is a default setting on the main folder that converts everything.

    Hope it helps someone. It happens in Word as well. I have to save it with a new name. It appears that Word thinks it is read only, when, in reality, it isn't. Maybe there are editing restrictions from the "Review" tab?? I'm having a simular problem in Word 10 only with passwords. When Autorecovery is turned on, it removes the password when it times out every 10 minutes, etc.

    When I close the document the file is saved unprotected. Note: I've turned off autorecovery, but word keeps turning it back on. Is this the same issue? Turning off autobackup is risky, I just save the document in another format such as. Well, I've no longer got the problem with Word running on Windows 10; my only regret is that my old faithful Word was not compatible with Windows 10 and I had to upgrade to the hideous user interface of the later versions of Word, in this case Word Now, I have the problem that I refuse to use the hideous "Edge" browser, but Internet Explorer continually crashes and reopens sites In Word , my document has suddenly started to automatically revert to "File", which prevents from doing anything normally carried out under the "Home" Heading.

    How can I prevent this annoying feature?