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When do Macs need to be defragged?

The main purpose of this component is to automatically prevent fragmentation of disk storage. Moreover, Apple computers use SSD hard drives that have a different algorithm to eliminate fragmentation. Thus, there is no need for Mac disk defrag. The only exception where you may need to defragment Mac is the following circumstance:.

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The macOS does not provide a tool for defragmenting the hard drive. The only thing Apple recommends is to make a full backup of your data, format the hard drive, reinstall the operating system, and then recover the files.

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There are several apps for this task:. Also, never use these programs on a Mac with an SSD.

Do You Need to Defrag Your Mac? (MacMost Now 373)

Otherwise, you can damage your disk and the system. Clean up your Mac periodically in order not to get your startup disk full. Enough free disk space will never cause fragmentation of files. If you want to defrag your Mac, you should make a backup copy with Time Machine and reinstall your operating system.

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What is Fragmentation?

Is it Necessary? What Does Defragmentation Mean?

Does a Mac need disk defragmentation? The only exception where you may need to defragment Mac is the following circumstance: You have an old Mac with an old hard drive, which you use for professional work with video or audio. This means that the hard disk can be clogged with video and audio files or various large projects of programs such as Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop. Such files are very susceptible to fragmentation and can be difficult to eliminate automatically. There are several apps for this task: iDefrag is the most popular app.

How to Defragment Mac Hard Drive

Drive Genius is a more powerful program, which allows you to perform a full range of preventive actions, work with HD partitions and restore the data. Its interesting that the "you don't need to defrag" article failed to mention the BSD file system. For the most part, as of BSD 4. I've used Unix since '82 and never defragmented a file system.

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Mac Defragmentation: Frequently Asked Questions

Powered by the Parse. If you wish to defragment free space on a drive here's how to do it quite easily. Using Disk Utility, repartition your drive, giving the strict minimum space required for the original volume, and then create a second volume with the remaining available space. This takes time, as all your data will be joined on the volume that is resized but not erased. Then when finished, get rid of the volume you just created, giving back all available space to the original volume. This part is fast.

Defragging Mac OS X hard drive

That's it; you're done. If you're going to try this hint, I strongly suggest you have a good backup first, just in case things go wrong. Note that Apple states most users do not need to defragment -- there will be little benefit to the typical user, thanks to OS X's built-in tools to handle fragmentation.

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The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. The wording on the title is a little off- while defragmenting files has become largely unnecessary with auto-defrag, it may still in some instances be valuable to defrag the free space on a volume in order to remove the possibility of an additional performance bottleneck with the creation of certain kinds of very large files VM type swap files come to mind, as do VM files themselves made by the likes of Fusion, Parallels, etc. Probably so -- I'll leave the comment attached, in case others may think it applies to non-free space, but I'll edit the title of the hint.