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The Value box will now open. Now, multiple the number that is already in the box by 8, and then by 8 again, and then again if you want. In this example, we'll only do it twice. Now change the value in the Value box from to and select "OK". Now it's time to spend some money in FarmVille.

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Buy something, anything. Once you do, you will see your money change drastically, to whatever your multiplied number was, minus whatever you bought. You should have , coins in FarmVille now. That's it. You're done. This doesn't always work. Not every situation is the same.

iHaxGamez 1.6.1

You pretty much just need to fool around with Cheat Engine and FarmVille. Play with it and you'll get the hang of what you can do and what you can't do. A lot of the times, whatever you change will not save once you close Cheat Engine and restart FarmVille, so beware.

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And check out these other guides and sites to using Cheat Engine on web-based games. It could help you out. I have done every step exactly the way I'm supposed to, but it still inst showing the address and value list for me.. Please comment, I need some help?? It will be very appreciated :. Tips You need to be logged in as an Administrator to successfully install Cheat Engine. All versions of Cheat Engine work pretty much the same.

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This guide uses 5. Step 1 Open Cheat Engine Make sure you have downloaded Cheat Engine to your computer, then open the program, but don't do anything else.

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  • Sign Up. Doesn't work on the Bloons TD games past the 2nd one?

    Documentation is included in the download. Add Lives, Money, Time, etc to a game while it's running. Featured Ihaxgamez free downloads and reviews at WinSite.

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    Add Lives, Money, Time and more to a game while it's running iHaxGamez is an open source, simple and easy to use tool that allows you to search and replace values stored in your computer's memory. The ihaxgamez 1. This free Mac application was originally produced by Raymond Wilfong. This free Mac application was. Free Download iHaxGamez for Mac. If you own a PC, then use Cheat Engine. Overview; Details; iHaxGamez com.