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Otherwise my images are on the web. I currently use an Apple 27 monitor but calibrate maybe once every couple of months. Does the screen stop the side light from a nearby window or reflections from the room? How is the viewing angle on the screen? Can you adjust the height and orientation of the screen? Another great question. Neck strain is a big thing for many people these days and we want to try to avoid hunching over or looking at an odd angle at our screens. I actually had to buy a platform for my iMac for just that reason — to raise the screen height. And you can adjust the orientation too.

What kind of customer support does BenQ offer? How easy is it to set up? The shading hood took a little more work but remember… you bought a very advanced piece of equipment. How does the ambient lighting in the room affect effect the ability to calibrate correctly? The matte quality of this screen is much less reflective. Will a higher graphics card improve the screen?

I turn it on and go! Will a second unit respond to calibration similarly to the first if cost were not an option?

The Apple Pro Display XDR is UNDERRATED.

Well Mr. Money Pants… look at you!!! How safely can it be recycled after its useful life is over? I have no idea. Maybe contact their customer support to find out more. What is the viewing angle? The website specs say degrees? Yes, you can just as you would on most screen through a menu system. How many ports does it have and take? How close to AdobeRGB does it get? I could care less about video. In particular, how good is it when it comes to editing and printing? If you even know or care about sRGB vs. They still work the same.

What will change is how you see your photo on the screen. The screen is much less glossy and reflective so your photos will look different on it. My photos on screen matched the print very closely and this has earned a place on my desk next to my iMac. I drag photos over to it when I want to print, and edit the photo accordingly based on that output. What this really comes down to is printing. And you print at least once every week or two, then I think a monitor like this is worth it.

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Have a good one! Hi Matt, I recently bought the sw and I have some issues.

If I take a screenshot of the entire screen the dimensions of the file are X Obviously is double than the resolution I read in system preferences. Any idea? Thank you in advance for your time. I am also considering the or monitors as a better all rounder with future-proofing. What do you think of these newer screens? Hi Matt Im using Apple Thunderbolt display, and have trouble when printing, the brightness newer match, would that be Solved with this BenQ. Kind regards. Not really. Dark prints means your monitor is set too bright. Best thing is to dim your screen. Apparently, not all iMacs can use the calibration software that comes with the SW That being said, can you use other calibration software such as spyder already on the Mac but put the calibration tool on the BenQ??

Hi Bob. Probably best to contact the manufacturer or visit their website to find out for sure.

5K iMac Gets 10-Bit Color for the First Time in OS X History

But I think you missed something here. Also, Apple has unfortunately stopped making monitors. Hi John. This would only be my editor of choice if I printed a lot or if my work was largely being seen in print. Will the Mac mini be able to push the SW which is optimized by a bit graphics card? I bought this monitor a few days ago, and it blinks for shorter than a second once or twice a day. Do you have any ideas of configuration issues that could bring to this problem?

Hi David. You can use it standalone or use it as a plug-in to LR or PS which really only makes sense if you use the Effects module in it. With this standard, data transfers at extraordinarily high speeds, which really comes in handy when it comes to gaming. USB-C also offers charging capabilities, so you can drive your monitor and charge your laptop at the same time, with the same cable. Picking up the best USB-C monitor is a particularly great choice for anyone with a recent MacBook: you not only get that second display, but also a USB-C hub to connect your other peripherals, plus battery charging through the same port.

The smaller sibling to the Ultrafine 5K display below, this inch LG monitor was designed with gaming in mind. It features 4K resolution and FreeSync anti-tearing processing, as well as three gaming presets, two custom presets, and two calibration presets. So it's gotten a lot cheaper - despite the fact that it's still a top option for just about anybody.

With a curved inch InfinityEdge screen, this Dell monitor is definitely beautiful. The wide canvas allows you to work with multiple windows at once, perfect for graphic design or other creative fields. However with its sRGB color gamut, it's equally suitable for charging into battle or fighting off zombies. The chart also revealed a very slight shading error region on the left side of the monitor screen. This is not a high end grading monitor, but it uses the same panel and engine as the reference monitors with fewer features.

I expect they are using B grade panels that didn't pass muster for these.

Apple Is Paving the Way for 10-Bit Color with Its Latest OSX Update

But it is not critical for what I do and has no significant impact on video image quality or grading judgements. Still a huge step up from my old 24" that died. Well worth the bucks.

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Last Edit: 4 months, 2 weeks ago by David Rasberry. Yes, Resolve is a complex beast as 10bit is only displayed in the Color page or the Edit page with Scopes 'off'. Bringing Scopes up in Edit reduces the display to 8bit, e3ven with a Decklink card. GUI is 8bit.

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I was surprised that our old! This has proved to be a reliable setup for a few years now but look out for the howls of derision if you mention this or any BenQ monitor on the LiftGammaGain forum! Last Edit: 4 months, 2 weeks ago by Craig Marshall. David Rasberry wrote: Looks like 8-bit display in Lightworks. It's better to travel well than to arrive Last Edit: 4 months, 2 weeks ago by hugly.

Resolve is fast becoming an all-in-one-box Juggernaut as it is now over a 1GB download. Therefore, Lightworks remains a very powerful Professional video finishing tool. Then a simple Smart Phone is probably all you need The gamers are changing the world. Why shouldn't the editors participate? Gamers don't make Television or Cinema where 'standards' still exist.

Just look at the very short list of reference monitors demanded of Netflix producers. Many in the Mac world are hoping Apple's latest high tech and expensive HDR display the one made to compliment their new Mac Pro will qualify but just as many suggest it will not. Like glass lenses, high quality reference monitors are expensive to make.