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The name and type of each data field is displayed in the panel. If you have inserted the data fields in your document, the page numbers where the data field is placed is also displayed. Determine how you want the final document to look, so that you know which fields are necessary to accomplish the merge.


For example, if you are creating a postcard that is mailed to customers, you can use the following data fields:. Save the data source file—usually a spreadsheet or database file—as a comma-delimited.

How to Create a Mail Merge in Word 2011 for Mac

Make sure that your data source file is structured in such a way that you can include the appropriate fields in your target document. For more information, see About data source files. Create a target document that includes text and other items that remain the same in each version of the target document.

For more information, see About target documents. For more information, see Select a data source. You can add data fields to either a document page or a master page. If you add data fields to a master page, you have additional options. For more information, see Insert data fields and Adding data field placeholders to master pages.

Preview the records to make sure that the target document will look the way you intend. For more information, see Preview records in the target document. The data source typically originates from a spreadsheet or database application, but you can create your own data source file using InDesign or any text editor.

Data source files should be saved in a comma-delimited. In a comma- or tab-delimited text file, records are separated by paragraph breaks; fields are separated by commas or tabs. The data source file can also include text or paths that see images on disk. If you do not include the quotation marks, each name is treated as a separate field.

You cannot insert a line break within a field in the data source file. However, if any characters, including spaces, appear on the line, the line is not deleted.

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By adding image fields to the data source file, you can allow a different image to appear on each merged record. Note: You can use InDesign to view the path of an image on your operating system. You may need to edit the path after you paste it in your data source. This technique is especially useful for images on a server. Once your data source file is created, you need to set up the target document and insert the fields from the data source file.

The target document contains data-field placeholder text and graphics, such as the design that you want to appear on every postcard. These fields become available to add after you select a data source. When you merge data, InDesign creates a new document that replaces the fields with the data you designated in the data source file.

You can place data fields on either a master page or a document page.

Before you insert fields into your target document, select a data source in the Data Merge panel. You can have only one data source file selected per target document.

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  7. Note: If an alert message indicates that it cannot open the file, or if incorrect fields appear in the list box, you may need to edit the spreadsheet or database file and save it as a comma-delimited or tab-delimited file. Once the data source is selected and fields are loaded in the Data Merge panel, any changes made to the data source are not reflected in the target document until you update the data source.

    How to Create a Pages Mail Merge

    When you select the data source, a list of data field names appears in the Data Merge panel. These names are identical to the column heads from the data source file. Icons indicate whether the field is text or an image. You can select and format these placeholders as you would any other text or graphic. You can assign an image field to an existing frame to create a floating image. Or, if the insertion point is in a text frame or if text is selected when you insert an image field, a small placeholder is inserted as an inline frame. You can resize the image placeholder to determine the size of the merged images.

    Once you insert a data field, InDesign remembers its data source. Any errors in the list of fields, such as typos, empty fields, and unintended field types, must be corrected in the source application and then updated using the Data Merge panel. Drag a field name from the Data Merge panel list, and drop it onto the text frame to add the placeholder. If you drag a text field onto an empty frame, the empty frame becomes a text frame. Note: You cannot create a valid field by simply typing the field name or editing an existing field.

    You must insert it from the Data Merge panel. You can integrate a QR code in the merged document.

    Mail Merge Options - OS X

    Following are the different types of QR code fields that can be added via a Data Merge workflow:. To generate the QR codes the data entries in the. Though the data entries can be a mix of email, sms, hyperlink, or plain text type. Enter them in the. To generate QR codes, follow these instructions:. If you insert data field placeholders on master pages, you have advantages that are not available when you insert placeholders on document pages:. The resulting merged document contains the original placeholders on its master pages and includes the merged results on document pages as overridden master page items.

    The merged document maintains a connection to the data source, so if records in the data source are modified, you can update the merged document contents by choosing Update Content In Data Fields. This option is especially helpful if you change the layout in the merged document and then need to add new data from the data source.

    The settings in the Create Merged Document dialog box are the same as those used in the target document, so you can quickly re-create the current document with the same appearance. You can also use these shared settings to create an identical document with a different data source, or create a new document with a slightly modified layout. If this option is not selected, the data will not be merged. See Create masters.

    You cannot place data fields on both master pages and document pages. - Is there a mail merge solution on OS X besides Microsoft Office? - Ask Different

    To merge properly, you must apply a master containing data fields to the first page of the document. Note: If an error message indicates that InDesign cannot merge the document because no placeholders are present, you may have added the placeholders to the left master page in a one-page document. Page 1 is based on the right master page, so add the placeholders to the right master page. The changes will be reflected in the Data Merge panel.

    If the changes are not reflected in the document after updating, deselect Preview to turn it off, and then select Preview again to turn it back on. Note: If you generate a merged document from a target document in which data fields appeared on master pages, you can update the data fields in the merged document. When you preview records, the Data Merge panel displays actual data from the data source file instead of the field placeholders.

    You can use the navigation buttons on the Data Merge panel to cycle through the records. If you find problems with any of the records, such as typographical errors or extra spaces, it is recommended that you edit the source file in its original application. See About data source files. Note: To go to a specified record, click the navigation buttons at the bottom of the panel.

    You can also type the number of the record you want to preview in the navigation text box at the bottom of the panel, and then press Enter or Return. I started with my prewritten letter open.

    I selected the CSV file. All rows appeared pre-checked. I went to the next page. On Write my letter I selected Address block. A window popped up. There are no names. The addresses are company names with two lines of address. I left checked Insert company name and Insert postal address.

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    The preview on the bottom shows what I want to see. I click Next to preview letter. And where the address should be is blank. If I scroll through the recipients all are blank. My mail merge worked perfectly. Word form merged with word data table. Print all pages to my HP and nothing printed in fields.