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No, there isn't. If we wonder why so much of the public picks and chooses its acceptance of science based on ideology and confirmation bias, it derives from the fact that so many in the statistics community undermine trust in science and health. Inventing harm using statistics has become a lucrative job works program for epidemiologists.

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Belief that these harmless trace chemicals magically "bioaccumulate" is warmed over homeopathy. There is no u-shaped curve for harm of Windex any more than there is for Roundup, BPA, aspartame, or radiation. Everything we consume makes changes. That is why buying expensive yogurt is a giant waste of money, as are studies claiming different is harmful or beneficial when there are trillions of bacteria is silly.

Changing those using a food may be good, it may be bad, it is mostly likely doing nothing. It is not guaranteed not to be the Activia you had at breakfast. No one knows what chemicals were used, they just know what marketing labels were on the cleaners parents claimed.

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You don't want too much of it, just like any other chemical. That does not make trace levels of it harmful. In the right dose. Just like your eco-friendly version of Windex is. View the discussion thread. Hank Campbell is an award-winning science writer and bestselling author.


He became the second President of the American Council on Science and Health in June of and prior to that began the Science 2. See our official profile on facebook.

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