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This is a great feature and it comes handy for users who are not tech savvy or lacks technical knowledge about Apple devices.

However, if your Siri Remote malfunctions due to some unknown reason or the battery die, you will need to pair the remote with your Apple TV again to make it function normally. Also when you get a new Siri remote for your Apple TV or want to pair it with another Apple TV, you will need to manually reset it and then pair it again with your new device.

In this guide, we are going to discuss in detail how to pair Apple TV remote easily, whether it is a Siri remote or an older generation Apple TV remote. The pairing process of a new Siri remote with a fourth-generation Apple TV is really simple and you only need to follow four simple steps. Notably, the process begins automatically once you press a button and should complete in a few seconds. We have listed the steps below, so just follow them carefully:.

If you already have a remote paired with your Apple TV, you need to remove it from range or reset it before you can add a new Siri remote. Before you can add a new Siri remote with your Apple TV, you need to reset the original remote or remove it from the Bluetooth range of the TV. This is because Apple currently does not allow two Siri remotes to be paired to the same Apple TV together. Go to the app store on your iPad or iPhone and search for Apple TV Remote—install it and then use this app instead of your physical remote. If you find this setting—enable it and then restart your Apple TV.

Your 4th gen should automatically detect your TV and then program the remote to control it. Try updating your tvOS and see if that helps.

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Many folks find this solves problems with the remote not working as expected. Restarting often helps—just unplug your Apple TV from the wall power outlet.

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Wait at least thirty seconds, then plug it back in. Reading here you suggest it is an IR device.

How to Install and Setup Apple TV Remote App

I also do not always get a light flash on the Apple TV box when I use the remote. To add to that, I have gone through the menu right and menu left to disconnect and reconnect, and I have replaced the battery, which exhausts the advice on the Apple site.

I believe the remote is on its way out, I just need confirmation that I am not doing anything stupid please.

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  5. Not stupid at all, it sounds like you covered the bases. Seems like my remote is just broken? Any more tips? Try restarting your Apple TV. Sometimes it just needs a reboot to both the Apple TV device and its remote.

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    Hope charging it via the wall outlet does the job! It works better — sometimes — for my wife!?

    How to use your old TV remote with your new Apple TV

    I have to turn the box on and off at least once a day.