Problems installing microsoft silverlight mac

Confirm the removal when prompted. Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.

What is Silverlight, exactly?

Find Microsoft Silverlight and right click on it. Choose the Uninstall option that appears. Confirm the uninstall when prompted.

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To make sure it is, follow the directions below. If not, you will be prompted by this in the installation program.

If you have any problems installing, please contact us here. We are here to help! You should have gotten these by email when you where added to the system. Image 3. The installation wizard will now check if you have Silverlight installed.

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Details instructions on how to install Silverlight can be found here. Research Studio is now installed on your computer see image 4. Image 1. Follow the steps in installation program to finish the installation. However, Safari 6.

Microsoft Silverlight

System Exception Error : if Silverlight cannot access needed computing resources such as extra working memory , CTI Navigator Web functions may fail and display a "System Exception error" message. System Exception errors may or may not be fatal.

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Other Navigator Web functions may continue to operate correctly, and the failed function may recover if needed resources become unblocked or become available such as by closing other browser screens or apps to free up working memory. However, to avoid System Exception error interruptions, always set Safari's Preferences to run Silverlight in Un-safe mode as described above. Sandbox Note. Sandboxing is a security mechanism to tightly restrict access to computer memory, operating system resources, and user files for un known or un trusted code or un known or un trusted websites.

Permissions Options :. Enable the auto-update feature in Silverlight to ensure that your computer is using the latest Silverlight functionality and security. To uninstall Silverlight in Windows or Mac, follow the instructions below which are appropriate for your computer.

How do I fix Silverlight in Safari or Firefox on a Mac? – thebigword Product Support

To uninstall Silverlight in Windows 10, 8 , or 7 :. To uninstall Silverlight in Windows Vista :. To uninstall Silverlight in Windows XP or :. After completely un-installing all Silverlight components, re-install Silverlight see " Install Silverlight in Mac " above. If you encounter difficulty completely removing all Silverlight components, either try using the Terminal command described below, or you might try using a Mac app removal utility such as the free AppCleaner from FreeMacSoft or a commercial product such as " CleanMyMac 2 ".

Always use extra caution with all freeware.

How to Install Microsoft Silverlight in Safari on a Mac

To automatically uninstall Silverlight from an Apple Mac. If Silverlight does not work correctly in any browser on your Windows computer, and un-installing and then reinstalling Silverlight see above do not correct the problem, then its installation in Windows probably is corrupted. You can click here to download and run Microsoft's " Fix-it " automated troubleshooting and repair tool for Silverlight for older versions of Windows click here to run Microsoft's " Fix it for me " wizard ; or you can go to Microsoft's " How to clean a corrupted Silverlight installation and then reinstall Silverlight " website; or you can try to fix it yourself following Microsoft's instructions reprinted below from this website see n ote 3 disclaimer below.

What you need to know about Microsoft Silverlight before its official demise

Note 2: If Silverlight works in one browser but not another browser on the same computer, click here. For Firefox on your Mac, ensure that Silverlight is installed, enabled , and activated for the current web page.