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The current version of PIL is 1. PIL is available from PythonWare at this page.

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Source code can be built for any platform, and Windows binaries are available. To install on Windows machines, go to the page given above and download the appropriate binary executable for the version of Python that you have. Run this executable and follow the instructions given by the installer.

On Linux, you can either compile the source yourself, or install using your package manager. For Debian-based systems, apt-get can be used:. To install on a Mac OS X system , visit http: Once install you need to import the PIL modules you want to use. Basic functions are found in the Image module, so the following will work:. You can then access functions as usual, e.

If there is a binary package for your system, that is the easiest way to install Pillow. Currently we only provide binaries for Windows via Python eggs. If the prerequisites are installed in the standard library locations for your machine e. If they are installed in a non-standard location, you may need to configure setuptools to use those locations i.

Once you have installed the prerequisites, run:.

We do not provide binaries for Linux. In Debian or Ubuntu:. Prerequisites are installed with on Ubuntu We do not provide binaries for OS X. XCode 4. Otherwise, use whatever XCode you used to compile Python. The easiest way to install the prerequisites is via Homebrew. After you install Homebrew, run:. Current platform support for Pillow.

Binary distributions are contributed for each release on a volunteer basis, but the source should compile and run everywhere platform support is listed.

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Pillow is a functional drop-in replacement for the Python Imaging Library. To run your existing PIL-compatible code with Pillow, it needs to be modified to import the Imaging module from the PIL namespace instead of the global namespace. Jan 6, Jan 1, Oct 1, Jul 1, Apr 2, Jul 6, Apr 28, Apr 4, Jan 2, Oct 18, Oct 4, Oct 3, Aug 18, Apr 1, Feb 4, Jan 4, Jun 7, Oct 13, Aug 13, Jul 10, Mar 15, Dec 16, Jul 2, Nov 1, Apr 5, Jan 21, Sep 7, Jul 21, Jun 2, May 31, May 28, Dec 1, Nov 28, Aug 2, Aug 1, Jul 31, Download the file for your platform.

If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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Some features may not work without JavaScript. Please try enabling it if you encounter problems. Search PyPI Search. Newer version available 5. Python Imaging Library Fork. Navigation Project description Release history Download files. Project links Homepage. Statistics View statistics for this project via Libraries. Meta License: Alex Clark fork author Tags: Maintainers aclark hugovk radarhere wiredfool.

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Graphics Multimedia:: Digital Camera Multimedia:: Scanners Multimedia:: Screen Capture Multimedia:: Graphics Conversion Multimedia:: Why a fork? What about the official PIL? Note Prior to Pillow 2. Please help us maintain the Python Imaging Library here: GitHub https: Financial Pillow is a volunteer effort led by Alex Clark.

Note Contributors: Developer Notes Note If there is a binary package for your system, that is the easiest way to install Pillow. Pillow has been tested with libjpeg versions 6b , 8 , and 9 zlib provides access to compressed PNGs libtiff provides group4 tiff functionality Pillow has been tested with libtiff versions 3. Pillow has been tested with version 0. Version 0. Once you have installed the prerequisites, run: Platform-specific instructions Linux We do not provide binaries for Linux.

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  6. In Debian or Ubuntu: After you install Homebrew, run: Python Wheels Note Experimental. Platform support Current platform support for Pillow.

    Python Imaging Library/Getting PIL

    Note Contributors please test on your platform, edit this document and send a pull request. Changelog Pillow 2.

    Error installing Pillow 2. Add numpy array interface support for 16 and 32 bit integer modes [cgohlke] Partial fix for Add preliminary support for TIFF tags.

    057 Pillow the image processing library PIL in python - python tutorial - python programming

    Catch truncated zTXt errors. Add several TIFF decoders and encoders. Added support for alpha transparent webp images. Adding Python 3 support for StringIO. Adding Python3 basestring compatibility without changing basestring. Fix webp encode errors on win-amd Better support for ICO images. Changes to put everything under the PIL namespace. Cleanup whitespace. Callable crash. Fix msvc compile errors Fix rendered characters have been chipped for some TrueType fonts.

    Python Imaging Library (PIL)

    Fix usage of pilfont. Fresh start for docs, generated by sphinx-apidoc. Introduce —enable-x and fail if it is given and x is not available. Partial work to add a wrapper for WebPGetFeatures to correctly support Support selftest. Workaround for: Special thanks to Christoph Gohlke and Eric Soroos for rallying around the effort to get a release out for PyCon Fixes 3 [thomasdesvenain]. Backport fix to split after open regression introduced in PIL 1.

    Contributors Pillow Note Contributors: Project details Project links Homepage. Release history Release notifications.

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    This version. Download files Download the file for your platform. This library provides extensive file format support, an efficient internal representation, and powerful image processing capabilities. This source kit has been built and tested with Python 2. Large parts of the library also work on 1.