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Support : Even the best screen sharing software occasionally runs into problems. With that in mind, having quick support options might help a lot and save you time in the long run. Software integrations : Your screen sharing app should fit into the software you already use. If you depend on a certain calendar and productivity apps, for example, choosing a compatible app e. Skype screen sharing or Zoom screen sharing is crucial for preserving your workflow. Most of us use Skype for phone calls or video conferencing. But few people know that for years Skype screen sharing was a paid option for the platform.

And by today that feature has become completely free. The best part of using Skype is that most of us already know how. When it comes to video conferencing, Zoom has taken the crown that Skype left on the table. Easy to use, stable, and free for most users, Zoom is everything Skype is not. To top things off, it also has powerful screen sharing software functionality built right in. Need to walk someone through using an app? Zoom is a great option.

If both computers used for a screen share session are Macs, then all you need is an iChat ID. One of the most popular screen sharing software solutions is TeamViewer. What draws people to screen sharing between devices with TeamViewer? An impressive list of features. TeamViewer is an enterprise-class software that solves lots of problems for small to medium-sized companies. The app also lets you set up your home computer in such a way that you can access it remotely yourself.

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All in all, TeamViewer is extremely powerful; but that makes it slightly more complicated to set up. For those comfortable with networking options, though, this is a fantastic product. A list of integrated applications supported by TeamViewer is one of the largest in the business and constantly growing. If you use Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Intune, or any other popular customer support solution, then TeamViewer is a good choice. Those looking for intuitive cross-platform screen sharing software might stumble upon Screenleap, which definitely has a supportive fanbase for its one-click to share your screen remotely feature.

While still in beta, USE Together is screen sharing with a difference.

Screen sharing using Messages on OS X Yosemite

Want to work together on code? Want to finalize a design? Boot Illustrator and create at the same time, on the same project. Forgot an important file at home? Pop onto Screens and access your computer just before your big presentation.

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Use your desktop remotely to get it done. File transfers from computer to computer are a simple drag and drop, and you can remote access other Macs to fix problems for friends and relatives with ease. Designed around simplicity and battery efficiency, Jump Desktop is a brilliant Mac to Mac screen sharing app. A lot of thought and care has gone into making Jump Desktop intuitive. As a result, drag and drop and remote access are readily available, without having to tweak your network settings.

Best course of actions — try both Screens and Jump Desktop with a free 7-day trial on Setapp , a subscription platform with over Mac apps for every productivity category out there.

Connecting to a Mac from a Windows PC

Now is the best time to hop on a call! If you press option command x , then the screen sharing window will go into 'observe mode', and won't accept any mouse or keyboard input. Then you can press command tab and switch apps. I know this doesn't really fix your problem, but it's at least a quick workaround I think I have the solution. I've had the same problem.

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On both Macs go in the System Preferences to share screen options and be sure that "external management" or "remote management" is off and screenshare is on. Maybe I don't use exactly the right words, because I translated these from Dutch. I hope this helps you. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question.

How to Turn on Screen Sharing in Mac OS X Lion

Asked 7 years ago. Active 2 years, 1 month ago. Viewed 3k times. Good question. According to here , the hidden preference com.

Unfortunately, as stated on that page, this no longer works in OS X Try to change the mode to Full Screen. Which Screen Sharing application do you use? I'm connecting from a Mac to a Linux box. The Mac has an application called Screen Sharing that I am using.